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The Ridgewood Towers, located at 3-50 St. Nicholas Avenue in the heart of Queens' Ridgewood neighborhood, represents a significant addition to the area's residential landscape. Completed in 2020, this post-war rental building spans 17 stories and houses 129 units, offering a modern living solution without the burden of additional fees typically associated with New York City rentals. This development not only enhances the housing options available in Ridgewood but also reflects the neighborhood's growing appeal as a desirable place to live.


Ridgewood, a neighborhood traditionally known for its historical buildings and quiet, tree-lined streets, has seen a gradual transformation with the influx of new residents seeking affordable, yet quality housing options close to Manhattan. The Ridgewood Towers at 3-50 St. Nicholas Avenue was developed to address this increasing demand, providing a contemporary living space that balances modern amenities with the charm and character of the neighborhood. Situated between Palmetto Street and Woodbine Street, the building's location offers convenient access to local amenities and transportation links.


  • To offer modern, high-quality rental units in the Ridgewood neighborhood without the additional cost of rental fees.
  • To provide a range of amenities that meet the needs and lifestyles of contemporary urban dwellers.
  • To enhance the residential appeal of Ridgewood, attracting both new and existing residents looking for upgraded living spaces.
  • To contribute to the neighborhood's development by introducing a modern residential building that complements its historical context.


The approach to developing The Ridgewood Towers was centered around creating a no-fee rental building that would offer an attractive proposition for potential tenants. By incorporating modern design elements and amenities within a high-rise structure, the project aimed to provide a comfortable and convenient living environment. The development team focused on optimizing the available space to include a variety of unit layouts, ensuring that the building would appeal to a broad demographic, from singles and couples to families.


  • Constructed a 17-story building with 129 residential units, eliminating the need for rental fees.
  • Included a range of amenities such as a lounge, on-site parking, laundry room, and bike room to enhance the quality of life for residents.
  • Designed the building with an eye for modern aesthetics while respecting the architectural vernacular of the Ridgewood neighborhood.
  • Positioned the building strategically between Palmetto Street and Woodbine Street for easy access to local services and transportation.


Since its completion in 2020, The Ridgewood Towers has become a sought-after residence in Queens, successfully attracting a diverse group of tenants. The no-fee rental model, coupled with the building's modern amenities and strategic location, has made it a compelling option for those looking to live in Ridgewood. The project has not only fulfilled its objectives by providing high-quality, accessible living spaces but has also contributed to the ongoing revitalization and growth of the neighborhood, reinforcing Ridgewood's status as an attractive destination for city dwellers.

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