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Windows & Doors

Whether your project requires operable or fixed windows, single punched openings or multiwindow configurations, we provide a full range of customizable commercial window systems, including Single hung, Double Hung, Project-In, Project-Out, Casements.InSwing or Outswing, Horizontal sliding, Tilt & Turn, Outswing / Inswing Terrace Doors, Patio / Balcony Sliding Doors and fixed. We provide you a wide range selection of frame depths, sightlines, infill thickness and performance ratings.


Hung Windows

Providing a daylighting and ventilation solution, our hung windows are available with true internal or external muntin, making them ideal for historical retrofits as well as new construction.

Projected/Casement Windows

With available configurations that include project-in (Hopper), project-out (Awning), casements and tilt-turn, our projected windows provide egress, ventilation and window-washing functionality, fulfilling a wide range of applications.

Horizontal Sliding

Designed to meet demanding specifications, our horizontal sliding windows offer a distinctive design with several glazing and sightline options. Ranging from 2-Lite Slider to 3-Lite Slider for larger openings, we provide multiple options.

Fixed Units

From economical solutions to historical replications, our fixed windows can be used in a variety of window combinations or as stand-alone products.

Sliding doors - 2 Lite, 3 Lite or 4 Lite Options

From single- to multi-panel doors, sliding doors offer a high-performance design solution for balcony, terrace and patio locations. Engineered to meet various levels of performance for multi-family residential, commercial and heavy commercial applications.

Swing Doors - Outswing or Inswing

Accommodating a wide range of applications, our swing doors offer durability and design flexibility. High performing and energy efficient, our swinging terrace doors are available with a variety of options.

Window Walls

Window wall system is developed as a design alternative to conventional curtain wall. Window walls can meet these expectations by offering design features such as various ventilating styles from projected casement to sliding windows, as well as terrace and sliding glass doors, all integrated in the design.

Window wall is a factory glazed unit that is installed between the floor slabs of multi-story buildings. When slab edges are covered on the exterior with aluminium slab covers & insulation behind, the resulting appearance is that of curtain wall. A curtain wall is on the outside of the structure, whereas a window wall sits between the floor slabs at the outer edge. Commercial high-rise office buildings typically use curtain wall, while residential high-rise towers are starting to use window wall.

A critical component of the window wall system is a two-or-more-piece slab cover that is part of the head receptor, as well as the sill starter that is for the floor above. This ties the system together to give the appearance of one continuous system spanning each floor.

The system can accommodate various glazing thicknesses. The glazing area will be ressure-equalized similar to our curtain wall products, meaning it will be allowed to breathe, which allows the water to flow out without being drawn into the interior during testing.

Unlike curtain walls, window walls enhance sound attenuation by eliminating continuous members that span the building height. Those members might resonate sound that originates at lower levels and emit it through the interior tube of typical curtain walls. Reduced sound transmission adds to the multi-family application advantages.

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